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Hello Beauties!

Are you all ready for the big day tomorrow?! Did you get the turkey yet or are you one of those who waits until the last minute? Don't feel bad, I used to be, too. Especially when I was taking seven science classes one semester for my undergraduate degree, yes, those days were nothing short than stressful! But anyway, I wanted to share this outfit idea with all of you, since it's centered around a popular trend this season, plaid. Plaid, like houndstooth, is a timeless classic piece, which means that you'll get so many uses out of your piece for years and years to come. I purchased this cropped blazer about two years ago at H&M. It had a matching bottom that they didn't have in my size, so I just purchased the blazer. A complete head-to-toe plaid look would look amazing on all you rectangular and hourglass shapes. As I mentioned in this week's video (watch HERE), these two shapes look great with looks that have a full on pattern theme going on. But for those of us who fall into the pear and apple shape categories, we can still sport the trendy classic, just in different ways to flatter our shapes. 

The way I'm wearing the pattern here is ideal for the pear shape, since it's causing the focus to be placed on the upper body. To cause the eye to mainly focus on the statement blazer, I worked with a solid colored grey pencil skirt, which tied in with the color scheme of the blazer. Also, notice how the blazer is somewhat cropped? These types of blazers and jackets are great for the pear shape, since they stop above the fullest part of the hips, not adding any unwanted width and volume. If you are an apple shape, then experiment with a plaid trouser and a solid colored top that fits in with the color palette, as I did with my look. This will have the opposite effect and cause the eyes to focus downward. 




SKIRT: Express



SHOES: Nine West Outlet 



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