Posted by Jalisa on Nov 30, 2013

Hello Beauties!

During this time of reflection of all what we can and should be thankful for, I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of your support and encouragement. You all are such amazing and beautiful women and I wish I could hug and kiss each and everyone of you! A little over a year ago, when I decided to start blogging and recording videos, I set out to accomplish one thing and that was to inspire and encourage women to feel good about themselves and break down the bondage that many women are imprison in within themselves, within their own minds, based on what they've been told and experienced throughout their lives and I feel that I've been doing just that. The e-mails and comments I receive on a daily basis on how my videos and posts have caused you to feel confident once again and know that you can embrace your bodies and shapes and not have to change a thing surgically to look like someone else or how coping with a disease that has caused you to gain or lose weight was hard, but now you are able to feel beautiful again because of some simple styling techniques. This is just a few examples of the powerful and deep messages I receive from some of you and I want you to know that I don't take them lightly. When I receive feedback like that, I feel as though I've been awarded some prestigious award, and perhaps I have.

So once again, thank you. Thank you for sowing into my life a feeling of being truly meaningful to someone else I don't know personally, YOU! Remember, you ARE special and you ARE beautiful and most importantly, you ARE enough!


Lots of love your way 


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