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Hello gorgeous ladies,

Last night we decided to go to a southern restaurant with a caribbean twist and the food was truly amazing! The ambiance was so beautiful, as well. There were paintings all throughout the entire restaurant that featured musicians and southern inspired living. I felt as though I was eating in a really cool art gallery down south! And to top it off, they had a live pianist playing the entire time we were there. 

As for my outfit, it was such a rainy night, that I felt I wanted to brighten the night with my outfit and I think I did, considering that everyone at the restaurant was wearing dark clothing, lol! As you all know, I'm a huge fan of the color blocking trend because I feel like it instantly balances out every body shape because it creates interest every where! These (green, purple, and pink) are my three favorite colors that I love to work with because I think they look extremely lively and fun paired together and they remind me so much of the street fashion I remember seeing in the early 90's. To mention it, it's so fun to see all the trends that I grew up wearing during that time period come back, like the jelly shoes, loud colors and prints, spice girl sneakers, and body suits (I had them in EVERY color and texture, not kidding!!!). I always heard people say, never get rid of your old clothes because fashion always returns to the trends, which seems to be true, right?!


APPETIZER: Calamari (grilled mangos, red onions, jalapeño peppers)

APPETIZER: Jerk seasoned wings

Eddie's Entrée: Fried Chicken (slow cooked greens & smoked turkey macaroni and cheese)

My Entrée: Slow braised oxtail (with peas, rice, and cabbage)




PANTS: New York & Company

SHOES: Guess

CLUTCH: Ann Taylor Loft





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