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Hello ladies!

Saturday night was our last night in Aruba and as you may imagine, we were quite sad about leaving. We had such a wonderful experience; the food, the people, the beach, the shows, everything was absolutely wonderful. I hope you all visit the "Happy Island" of Aruba for your next vacation! Out of all the fabulous restaurants that we visited within the resort, we loved The Oriental, which was a Japanese restaurant. This time we didn't eat at a regular table, we were seated on the floor, Japanese style, with no shoes, which was pretty cool, since we've never eaten like that before. 

The last show that we saw was Latin style. It was of course, well put together. One of the dancers, Marvin, asked me to dance in the middle of the show, which I would need to go on stage in front of everyone, and I said no, kindly of course! He asked several other women and they said no as well. I felt horrible afterwards because all the other dancers were able to find partners, children, older women, quite a variation, and he went backstage! I just felt too embarrassed to get up there and dance, although I know how to, very well ;) I couldn't let that go for almost the entire night, but Eddie convinced me that he was used to this and his feelings were not hurt. After the show, I was able to take a picture with my favorite dancer of the group, Gladys. She, I felt, kept the crowd going the most and I LOVED her accent, she's from Cuba!

As for the outfit, I decided to wear these floral shiny shorts, which I've practically never worn and I've had them for forever! The tank top had some lace detailing around the neckline and shoulder trims, which added some interest to the otherwise simple black tank. I also chose to wear a pair of silver dangling earrings to draw the eye upward, as well. I wanted to break up the black and gray monochrome by adding a splash of color with my hot pink heels, which I got some compliments on, actually Gladys asked if she could borrow them, lol! 

This post will complete the Aruba series and I look forward to including you all in any other vacations I take in the future. I hope you enjoyed my posts and found some inspiration for you summer night out looks!


TOP: Annie Sez

SHORTS: Marshall's

SHOES: Guess (Macy's)

CLUTCH: Ann Taylor Loft





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