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Hello gorgeous ladies!

Friday night we had Mexican, which of course was delicious! I'm telling you, the food here is absolutely amazing! In the states, I'm allergic to pineapple and many other fruits and foods, but I can enjoy them here! So as you may imagine, I've been eating so much of those foods because I won't be able to enjoy them when I get back home, unfortunately. It's amazing how when you're not able to have or do something that others can and when given the opportunity to have or do it, you value it so much more! Something so small as eating a pineapple, which may be nothing to some of you, is such a treat for me! Well anyway, after our dinner, we saw a show and the theme was French inspired, but, we saw so many different types of dances, such as Indian and Native American. These dancers are so amazingly talented and a lot of them have been self taught! That to me can reveal one's true calling in life, something that one enjoys doing so much and comes so easily or naturally. He or she may need to work, of course, to perfect certain things, but he or she won't need to put as much effort as someone else who hasn't necessarily been gifted to do it! 

As for my outfit, it was totally inspired by the Mexican restaurant we ate at today. Since we made reservations earlier in the week, I knew that this outfit would be perfect for our Mexican date, since it has a very Aztec vibe to it, especially because of the trim on the tank top, as well as the color scheme. 


TOP: Marshall's

SHORTS: Lucky Brand

SHOES: Kenneth Cole (Marshall's)

CLUTCH: Marshall's




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