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Hello gorgeous people!

Tuesday night, Eddie and I went to a Caribbean restaurant in the resort and it was ok. To be quite honest I wasn't all that happy with the food, but it's ok, we're on vacation and it's all inclusive, which I HIGHLY suggest when you go away, so you don't have to worry about paying for anything; all you can eat and endless beverages. We've noticed that not too many people tip, but we always do, even though we always stay in all inclusive resorts. We notice that the waiters treat us better and prioritize us more, so I suggest you do, as well. You don't need to tip much, we give $2 at breakfast, $3 at lunch, and $5 at dinner.

The show we watched was absolutely amazing! This crew is amazingly talented at what they do and their hard work shows! I couldn't help but notice the toned legs on each woman, which demonstrates their dedication! The theme of the show was Caribbean inspired, each night there's an inspiration behind the show.

As for my outfit, I stuck with some pastels that offered detailing and interest on both pieces, which automatically balance out the look nicely. I chose to wear this nice flowy minty green top with rhinestones because it made me look a bit more filled out up top, while the shorts held some interest because of the gorgeous sorbet color and floral lace, which is a super hot trend in shorts right now, by the way. Any woman, regardless of her body shape, can sport my date night look, so get inspired for you spring/summer night out!


TOP: Marshall's

SHORTS: Marshall's


CLUTCH: Jessica Simpson (Marshall's)

EARRINGS: Brooklyn boutique in Park Slope





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