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It's been about 2 years since I've been tailoring much of my content to body shapes; I recently renamed and reconstructed my blog to mesh with this subject I'm so passionate about. When I started The Body Shape series on my YouTube channel, I received an overwhelmingly positive response, more than I had anticipated! However, there were those few who posted comments like, "who cares about your body shape, wear what you want!" or "why should we try to look perfect, we should love our bodies." The thing is, we must consider our body shapes, if we want our clothing to look its best on us and that, to me, is loving and accepting our bodies. In this month's issue of Glamour (pgs. 206 & 208) Zac Posen, a designer whom I love and admire, emphasized the importance of tailoring and finding the perfect fit, as did plus sized model and designer, Candice Huffine. 

If you weren't able to read the article, I'll sum up the important points they addressed:

1. Do not pay attention to sizes! We're all guilty of it, putting our confidence in the "perfect" size, as we do the number on the scale, but it's a huge mistake. Why? Sizes vary between countries, companies, and clothing. Plus, there is a method called vanity sizing, which is simply giving small numbers (sizes) to larger clothing to entice customers. So instead of focusing on a specific size, focus on the fit. I know this will take some time getting used to, but it's really all you need to care about. 

2. Huffine, and celebrity stylists Sara Paulsen and Kate Young suggest shopping for the largest body part in mind first. So if you are busty, for example, and struggle with finding a perfect fitting dress, it would be suggested to purchase a dress that fits your bust perfectly and have the rest tailored. This, of course, would be an option for items that are of quality. It just doesn't make sense bringing a Forever 21 LBD to a tailor, chances are you'll spend more on the tailor than what you spent on the dress! 

3. If you're petite or tall, you should consider how the garment fits your body and how it compliments your height. You don't want your clothing to appear too large on your smaller frame, if you're petite or too small, if your tall. With that said and with flared jeans becoming a huge trend this season, it's suggested to purchase two pairs. One to be worn with heels, which should dust the floor, and one to be worn with flats, which you most likely would need tailored. If you tend to wear one of these shoes more often, then there would be no need to purchase two.

The bottom line

The bottom line at the end of the day is to wear clothing that you're going to feel comfortable and confident in, and quite frankly, who doesn't feel more confident when their outfit looks and feels as though it were custom made?! It's not about obtaining the "perfect" body, because there is none. It's about loving the one you have and dressing in a way that flatters and enhances it! 

I hope you all found this blog post helpful, if you did, please share it! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading; I hope you have an amazing day! 



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