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Happy Monday friends!

Fall is my favorite fashion season, as it is for most based off conversations I've had with many of you! Understandably so, as it's much more fun and exciting, creatively  speaking, as you can really explore different color and texture combinations you wouldn't otherwise be able to (at least comfortably, lol) throughout the year. When we think of fall, we typically think of rich and saturated jewel tones, in addition to various shades of orange and yellow, inspired by foliage. However, green can still be embraced though it may not necessarily scream fall. I love the look of sage green in particular paired with a more faded, stone grey shade, both of which I'm wearing today. I think the combination makes for a great transition from a warmer season to a cooler one, especially since both have cool undertones. 

Sage has been trending for a few seasons now, making it pretty easy to find pieces in the shade. Aside from grey, I think it looks great paired with black (leather especially!). If you're feeling a bit daring, I also think darker shades of purple can look quite beautiful paired with it, too. Think along the lines of an eggplant purple shoe or clutch for a slight pop and contrast. It also looks really good styled with both snakeskin and leopard print, both of which are heavily trending this season. 

As you can see, the top I'm wearing has some ruffle details along the bust and hem. I know ruffles can be one of those love 'em or hate 'em details, as they can be unflattering, but this really all depends on where it's placed. If you don't think they're flattering on you, but would be open to wearing them, if you could find pieces that are, I'd suggest you pay mind to the visual effect the placement(s) creates. 

For example, the top I'm wearing causes the eye to move diagonally then across my waist, much like a zig zag. All of the focus isn't placed in the center of my stomach or entirely on my bust, which can be an effect some may not wish to create. It's essentially creating sections to the upper body, which can make it appear smaller. Another example of a flattering placement would be this sweatshirt I styled in recently in this post. The ruffles taper in towards the midsection, creating a more flattering effect. 

You may be thinking, "who really thinks of all this when shopping?" I'm telling you, you do. We all do. It just happens so fast, since our eyes instantly gravitates to details and either dismisses or captivates. Once you become familiar with the details and colors that look best on you, it'll come more second nature when shopping. 

My motto is that nothing is off limits for nobody. It all comes down to the details and design that can allow you to wear what you love in a way that makes you look and feel great ;) 

Fashion aside, how was your weekend?! We had a busy one! Eddie took off on Saturday, so that we could go to one of our town's fall festivals. It had a very different feel, as expected, but it was something for the kids to do. Though Aviah wasn't fond of the scarecrow contest, lol. I had to explain what they are logistically for her to understand that they're nothing to be scared off, ironic though right?! Lol! Later on she had a little playdate with her cousin. It's so cute to see her evolve and develop social skills. We're working on sharing because she's so used to just bossing Ariah around that when she's with other kids, she thinks she can do the same, lol. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great start to the week, my friends! 


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