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Happy Monday and Happy New Month, my friends! 

What a sigh of relief that spring is officially here. I know that the start of spring is March 21, but it never really seems that way, since March tends to be the coldest month of the year. When April rolls around, it feels more official. Tomorrow is also the 6 month mark for me and Baby....A. Yes, we've decided to go with another name that begins with A and a middle name that begins with L. It's crazy when you think of it. Aviah and her little sister will be like little twins. They'll be exactly two years apart (my due date is actually Aviah's birthday!) they'll also have the same initials. Though there are already a few similarities between the two, they behave very different in the womb. Aviah was very active and didn't like when anyone touched my belly. She would kick back hard and it totally fits her personality now. She's incredibly sweet and loving, but when she doesn't want to be bothered or want to do something, she lets you know! She takes after me, haha. Baby #2 is way more relaxed. When she moves, it feels more like gentle stretches and she doesn't mind my belly being touched at all. I have a feeling she'll be taking after Eddie. Is the calm and more laid back one. 

Moving on to my outfit. I've been wanting to wear these pants since I purchased them a few months ago. I had mentioned that I did a bit of maternity shopping at ASOS a while back and this is one of the pieces I got and it's still on sale! It also comes in a non-maternity version. I typically stay away from large floral designs, but it seems as though when I'm pregnant I tend to gravitate towards them for whatever reason. I do pay mind to the other elements in my outfit when styling them though because as I've mentioned in previous posts, the larger pattern can make one appear larger and when you're pregnant, that's not something you want to do, trust're gaining enough weight in a short amount of time as it is, haha.

Larger florals in bold colors often make me think of grandma fashion. You know those moo-moo dresses that have in that jersey fabric? Ten years ago, if you wore something like this, it'd be considered a fashion faux pas because who would want to look like a grandma, right? Fast forward to now and we're sporting many of those same styles we wouldn't even consider, such as kitten heels, little structured purses, brooches, grey hair and large floral prints. Never say never! It must be noted that today's variations are much more chic though and by adding more contemporary accessories, it makes for a much more fashionable look. 

What are your thoughts on grandma fashion? Would you or have you already worn some pieces inspired by your grandma? 

Thanks so much for stopping by my sweet friends and I hope you have a wonderful week and start to your month! 


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