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Happy Thursday my dear friends!

We're about a week away until the official start of festival season, beginning with Coachella; would you believe it?! This always reassures us that spring has indeed sprung and we can (hopefully) pack away all our winter clothes and bring forth all of our flowy, flirty spring and summer pieces! While I've personally never attended a music festival before (right now is probably not the best time to explore them with the bump and all, haha) I've always admired and looked forward to seeing what celebrities and fellow fashionistas alike wear and adorn themselves with during this time. 

Attention to one's outfit and details is on par with that of Fashion Week. Yes, it's THAT big of a deal, though the vibes are much more laid back and chill. I've noticed that there's usually a common vibe we tend to see the most, both boho/femme and edgy/goth. Though these two styles are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of aesthetic, there can often be similarities in the details found within each look, such is what I'm certain WILL be the case with embroidery. 

I've mentioned time and time again that when a trend really takes off, it takes on many forms, allowing for everyone, regardless of personal style to embrace it. As you can see by the collage of pieces I've meticulously chosen that would not only be perfect for a music festival or event, but for all season long and when heading into fall, different vibes can be felt.

For instance, I've included two leather jackets that are different in the vibes they exude, one white and the other black. Although they both have floral embroidery, the colors themselves create a vibe, black being more edgy and white more feminine and softer. Depending on how you choose to finish off your styling, you can enhance the natural vibe of the piece itself or create one that's rather different, the choice is yours. This would also be a great time to try your hand at juxtaposing, combining both edgy and feminine vibes into one outfit, if you've ever had reservations; no one judges another's outfit nor appearance at music festivals or events, as it's said to be a creative outlet and environment overall, so if it's a complete fail, no worries ;) 

I hope you all love the pieces I've shared today; I personally want them all, lol! Will YOU be attending any music festivals this year? Which one(s)? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a great week so far!




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