Happy Tuesday, friends!

Have you ever found it a bit of a challenge to represent your personal style in the office? It can sometimes be difficult to showcase your style and personality with dress codes that can limit what you can and cannot wear, as well as the need to look professional. I find this to be even more of a challenge for those who have more of an edgier style. You know, those of you ladies who'd prefer wearing a leather moto jacket over a blazer any day! Hopefully this post will help to provide a happy medium in reflecting who you are as a person, while remaining in the fine lines of professionalism Monday thru Friday.



One thing you certainly want to consider is mixing pieces that exude edgy, but that don't necessarily scream edgy and one way of doing so is by combining the two in simple staples, such as in a blazer. The first jacket is in a serenity blue color, which has a calming, gentle feel to it because of the softer shade, yet it has the slightest form of edge with the perforated holes; helping to harden the softness that the light blue gives off, creating a perfectly balanced medium. The second blazer has an edgier feel because of the fit, gold button details and black velvet texture. The combination of the three create an edgier feel, yet the black velvet is soft in texture and can also have a luxurious vibe, making it appropriate for the office. The third blazer also has an edgier feel because of the black and white bold stripes and exposed zipper pockets on the waist. This jacket is a bit unconventional because it's a waterfall style, which means that the lapels aren't set in place like in the first two examples. Even though this jacket is a bit bolder in design, the fact that it's in a classic color combination makes it perfect for a professional environment. 


Another great way to express your style would be to look for graphics with an edgier feel to them, such as snakeskin. This print is more intense than the other animal prints, making it perfect for creating a slight edgier feel to your work wear. I suggest looking for pieces that have a dressier feel to them, such as a tank that has a sheen finish, like the one above or a blouse that's sheer and flowy that can be worn with a camisole underneath and tucked into your pants or skirt. With the tank, you can add a blazer on top during the day and remove it for meeting up with friends after work. I adore the graphic of the dress shown because it looks somewhat like broken glass, doesn't it? The graphic is a bit bold, but is perfectly balanced out by the lady-like silhouette with the cap sleeves and fit and flare style. Marble has become a popular "print" in recent years and is now showing up in clothing and accessories. A marble printed skirt paired with a soft pink blouse and black jacket can give off a rocker-chic vibe, but still read professional when paired with nude pumps and minimal accessories.



Another way you can express your edgier side is with accessories. What's great about accessories is that they add a subtle accent to your entire look, so while your outfit may be a bit on the more simpler side, the addition of a pair of killer heels or a purse with chains, zippers or studs can help to liven things up a bit, adding a signature to the completion of your look. 





I hope you found this post helpful in expressing your personal style, in this case edgy; the more difficult style type to work with in the office. I believe these tips are not only helpful to those who have a full on rocker chic style, but for those who want to experiment with it from time to time. Let me know in the comment's section if you enjoyed the post and what your personal style is, as well as if you find it challenging to express it at work. I hope you all have an amazing day ahead, my dear friends, and I will see you back here for tomorrow's post! 



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