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Hello ladies & gents!

Today's post is all about florals! It's officially spring, even if the weather doesn't want to admit it and that means that we'll be seeing a lot of florals in our favorite stores! So, I wanted to provide you guys with some tips on styling floral pieces. Even though combining patterns and prints have been a trend for a while now, you have to be very careful when doing this because you don't want your look to clash and give off an "I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to be fashionable" type of vibe! With that said, I want to stress the importance of working with only one floral printed item and use that as the focal point of the look.

As you can see down below, I'm wearing a floral skirt with a variety of colors and I wanted to bring out some of them by wearing solids that were the same color, along with matching accessories. To bring out both the purplish and green colors, I chose to wear a white cami underneath the purple cardigan to allow the color to pop, as did the colors against the white base color of the skirt. I then brought out the green, the stem of the flowers, by wearing a pair of green heels. I loved the purple so much, I chose only accessories within that color scheme to bring more attention to it. If you prefer the yellow in the flowers, then you would wear a yellow cardigan or top and shoes. Whichever color you use the most is what will control the eyes to see more of in the skirt. If you were to wear a floral top, for example, you would choose one of the colors in your top to wear as a bottom, within that color scheme, if not identical. If you wanted to feature other colors that are in the top, you could do that as well, but perhaps with accessories, including shoes and/or a handbag. 

I hope you found this helpful and the info for where I purchased everything is located at the bottom of the post! 




What I'm Wearing:

New York & Company cardigan

New York & Company skirt (old)

Gucci Guccissima Soft Metallic shoe in the color Selva from DSW

Louis Vuitton Alma GM in Rouge Fauviste





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