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Happy Monday, beautiful!

If you follow me on social media, then you'd know that I've been sick. It first started as a cold that my step-daughter brought home and you know how that goes! Eddie caught it and then I did, one family thing I hate sharing, lol! That's the reason I hadn't posted anything on here since last Wednesday and a YouTube video didn't go up. At this point, my throat has been hurting a lot and much of my voice has left and I think it wasn't the best idea for me to shoot today's look outside without a coat! The things we do for fashion, uh! Well, I'm trying to minimize my talking, since I will be recording and uploading this week's video towards the end of the week. Speaking of videos, a huge thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway! I will be announcing the winner in this week's video, but remember, even if you didn't win, you still have the opportunity to save 40% off your total order when you use coupon code: JALISASFILES, until 01/31! 

Onto today's look. I used some of the colors associated with winter, blush pink, taupe, and black. I absolutely love these three colors together. I think the blush and taupe give a feminine feel, while the addition of black can add a bit of edginess. What inspired this entire outfit was the tartan scarf itself. It was a gift from my mom. What I love about, other than the colors themselves, is the combination in the form of tartan. It's an unusual use of colors for this pattern, one that I haven't yet seen before. This scarf is and the turquoise ring are the only two new items featured in the look. The rest of the outfit consists of pieces I've had for years and years. I purchased the cardigan from Victoria's Secret a long time ago and it's so comfy. I actually like many of VS's clothing and have found them to be of pretty good quality. The jeans I'm wearing are from New York & Company, before I feel they perfected their denim fit. The reason I say this is because, while I had always experienced a great fit in their jeans around the booty and thighs, the waist would sometimes be larger in some of their denim collections. Now, I feel, based on my personal experience and my mom, the waist fits better, allowing me to ditch the belt. I've read some reviews and not everyone is fond of their latest SOHO collection, but I love it and would definitely suggest it to all my curvier ladies! Just keep in mind that they tend to stretch after wearing them for a period of time, so I'd suggest ordering or purchasing a size smaller. 

I hope this post helped and provided you with a style idea for your next look. Remember, you don't have to recreate the entire look; you can use it as inspiration to create a different style, while selecting the same color combinations. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you in my next post!


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