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Hello all my hard working women!

Today I will be discussing this really interesting skirt that I purchased a while ago from Annie Sez. It's a zebra print, but what makes it interesting is that it doesn't have the original or actual color combination of a zebra, which of course caught my eye. Now, I'm going to be honest with you, when I brought it home, I began to question my judgement and considered returning it. But then I began to actually prefer this color combo as opposed to the original, since earthy colors were used instead, which I felt captured both the essence of a zebra, by using it's distinct print, as well as it's surroundings, by using green and brown as the color palette. I want to encourage you not to shy away from experimenting with pieces that are a bit unconventional, like this one. It's okay to play around with pieces that have unique color combinations that feature animal print, as long as it's not in what would be recognized as a funky combo, such as blue and pink, leave that look in the 80s and 90s where it belongs! 

If however, you like your traditional color combinations and don't care too much for the mixture of others, I would definitely suggest this look, using the traditional color combo for my apple shaped ladies. It has both color and pattern that will of course cause the eye to focus downward. Pairing the skirt with a solid colored blouse would minimize the attention of your bust and midsection. If you can get your hands on a printed pencil skirt, like this one, that would be great; It'll create a small waistline for you, since it'll go up past the fullest part of your stomach, concealing that area. But you must make sure that it fits just right! I've seen a number of apple shapes wear pencil skirts that fit too tight and they appeared to be pregnant, so be careful and ALWAYS try your bottoms on! As for the pear shapes, you'd be able to pull this look of as well, just as I did. The key is to wear a boatneck top/sweater, as I am here. This will widen your chest and neck area, creating a visual balance between your upper and lower portions. If you're either a rectangular or hourglass shape, you also would be able to wear this look. For the rectangular, I would suggest wearing a flowy top tucked into the pencil skirt, that way the top will fold over a bit, creating some volume and dimension up top. As for my hourglass ladies, you could wear any top of your choice. I would suggest that you consider a cami with a cardigan and small waist-belt added across to enhance that curvaceous waistline of yours! 

I hope you enjoyed this week's W3 post and don't forget to stop by again tomorrow to read about my experience at the RedLight PR spring 2014 press preview event I attended yesterday! 



BOAT NECK SWEATER: Victoria's Secret

PENCIL SKIRT: Tahari (Annie Sez)


PURSE: Louis Vuitton Trevi GM



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