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Hello all you hard working women out there!

For today's W3 post, I wanted to talk about the pant suit. I strongly believe that every woman, even those who do not work in a professional setting, should own at least one pant suit. That one suit should of course be black because you'll get more use out of it and either pieces of the suit can work well paired with other outfits. Once you have the one basic black suit, you may want to begin to build on your collection with some other basic colors, such as navy and grey. Then, you can begin to have fun in choosing various colors and patterns for additional suits that you may want to add to your work wardrobe. 

I would suggest when choosing a suit with patterns and/or colors, choose a very tailored fit because you want to avoid appearing too large, which with the vibrant colors and patterns would make you appear much larger than if it were just a solid neutral color. Depending on your place of business and your comfort level, you may want to try wearing a piece of the suit separately first, to get a feel of the way you'd look in it and feel wearing it a work. Obviously, you cannot wear these pieces too often because patterns and bright colors are very memorable, since they leave such a lasting impression, so consider keeping a record of when the last time you wore the piece(s).

Here are some examples of what I would suggest:

Costume National Spring/Summer 2013 

Do you see how tailored this suit appears on the model?! This is what I would consider to be the ideal cut for a bold colored suit. The blazer is skimming the surface of her natural frame and the pant is a complete full length pant. But, if this suit is a bit much for your 9-5, then you could pair the pieces with neutrals a part and given the opportunity or occasion to wear the pieces together, you'll have that option. I'm all about having options!!!


Iman in Rachel Zoe

I absolutely love the velvet suit trend that's going on right now AND I love it in this color, especially! Again, depending on your profession, this may be a bit over the top, but if you're in a place where you can express your love for fashion openly, then by all means go for it! If you are shopping around for a velvet suit, then I would suggest darker jeweled tones, such as this deep purple, seen on Iman, red/burgundy, dark green/emerald, and royal blue. If however you cannot wear a suit like this to work or you don't like the idea of wearing it to the office, but love the trend, you can wear the pieces individually with a more neutral toned down piece, so don't rule it out entirely ;)

Rachel Zoe's Resort 2013 collection

I love not only the color of the pant suit to the right, but I love the cut and fit as well. This suit is perfect for spring/summer because of the cropped pant. The color is so vibrant and would look beautiful paired with orange, pink, or yellow! 

Rachel Zoe's Resort 2013 Collection

Miss Zoe has done it again with this fabulous pant suit. She has said herself that she's self conscious about her skinny legs, which is why she's usually sporting pants or a pant suit. That being said, I feel that she puts a lot of thought behind her suits because of that reason. I've definitely been looking at her collection for inspiration on pairing the suits that I have in my closet!


So definitely consider adding some fun colored or textured suits to your work wardrobe. I'm sure it would help motivate and awaken your inspiration for the day, as well as inspire others and serve as a conversation piece among many!




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