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BLAZER: H&M // CHAMBRAY SHIRT: David Bitton Buffalo Denim (Marshalls) // LEATHER SKIRT: Thrifted // PURSE: Tory Burch // SHOES: Steve Madden // BRACELET: Little Switzerland (Aruba)


Hello my loves,

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe weekend! From time to time, I like to demonstrate the versatility of a piece of clothing by showing you all how I've worn or styled it in different ways, in order to give you all some ideas on styling that particular piece you might have been on the fence about because you weren't sure how often you'd be able to wear it. If you look at the photos above, side by side, only a few things have been added to the look you see on the left. I added a blazer and spiked shoes, as well as matching purse. What really changes this look and makes it more business like, is the addition of the blazer. Although you'd of course be able to wear the look on the left to work, the second gives off more of a professional vibe, mainly because of the blazer. Now, if you'd want to enhance the business look that the second outfit exudes, you could of course switch the heels from the first pairing; I'd only suggest the spiked pumps, in outfit number two, if you were in an environment that's perhaps more creative, otherwise, opt for a simple and plain pair of black.

Every woman should have a blazer or two in her wardrobe, regardless of if she works in a business, casual  or homemaker environment. The reason is because they are super versatile, thus creating many options in putting together looks for various scenarios. When it comes to selecting colors, I'd of course suggest the basics such as, black, navy, or grey. However, I'd suggest exploring other colors and perhaps patterns to add more fun and excitement to your collection. Although the color I'm wearing in this post may not seem very exciting, it's very rich and bold. It's one that would look perfect with a pair of jeans (especially dark washes, since it will bring out the camel stitching most jeans have, intensifying the wash of the jean and enhancing it's effects on your shape), as well as a leather skirt, as I've styled for this post.

When it comes to wearing a blazer, there are some different ways I like to wear them. One of my favorites when worn with a button down shirt, is to roll up the sleeves and have the sleeves of the shirt folded over, which will add some contrast to the look. Another way is to roll them up without having the sleeves of your shirt folded over, as well as leaving them as is. I also want to mention that blazers shouldn't only be considered when purchasing suits, unless you are required to wear a suit everyday. If not, don't restrict yourself to wearing or purchasing a blazer with a matching bottom. Often times, you'll find a blazer that had a matching skirt or pant in a store that were sold separately, but the blazer is on sale. Don't opt out of purchasing this major score because you can't find the matching bottom(s), rest assured you'll be able to create quite a few looks with that single piece. 

Although we mainly discussed blazers, this post also demonstrations how you'd be able to wear chambray to the office in different ways; it's a diverse piece as well. It can be worn on the weekends with denim jeans for a classic denim on denim look, or as you see in both looks during the week for work. Chambray is versatile simply because it has a denim texture and vibe, making it has versatile as a pair of jeans. As a working woman, you should always consider the diversity of a piece of clothing, so that not one area of your wardrobe dominates the other, leaving you without many options. I've heard many working women say that they have so many work clothes, but far too little weekend or leisure clothing, which shouldn't be so. You should always shop with the idea of mixing and matching some pieces with work and casual wear to get the most out of every buck.

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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