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Today's post is a continuation of the color pairing series and the next color up is green! Growing up, green was my least favorite color, but now, I love how earthy and vibrant it can look when creating an outfit. My goal throughout this series has been to demonstrate how practically every color can be worn with each other, it's just that in some cases, the tone or shade of the color is really important in making the combination a perfect match. In other words, when thinking of a color to work with, we shouldn't really be limiting ourselves to a generic or common shade of that color that we tend to see most commonly used because it can cause us to completely dismiss it, limiting our wardrobe and outfit pairings. With that said, you'll notice various shades of green, as well as the colors I paired it with because I felt that the "true" shades wouldn't look as best and instead, opted for various shades. I hope you find some inspiration :) 


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