Posted by Jalisa on Apr 08, 2013

Hello darling dolls!

This week I have a guest blogger, Melissa Schraiber, who has reviewed this spring's hottest shoe trends and is reporting it to all of my fashionistas here on the blog! Without further ado, here are the latest trends: 


 Now is the time to prepare your wardrobe with the latest and greatest footwear fetishes of the season! Find out what fashionistas everywhere are raving about...

1. See Through Shoe 

This season celebrates the open-air feeling of a spring zephyr with shoes that give the illusion of being weightless. By playing around with transparent heels, platforms, and straps, designers have given women the appearance of being light as a feather. In order to keep the look sophisticated, pair see-through shoes with a solid pair of straight leg slacks and a loose, delicate blouse.

2. Lace-Up Looks 


Chic, lace-up versions of gladiator sandals and mesh or lace booties are all the rave of the season. They are super feminine with their corset like lacing, yet present a sort of restraint and power. A perfect solution to any spring ensemble, lace-ups have the ability to dress up everything from shorts and tanks to day dresses and breezy evening wear. 

3. It's Black, It's White


This spring, we will ironically praise the “non-colors” of the season. Any combination of black and white footwear, including checkered, striped and color-block patterned shoes are bringing heat to the runway this spring. This non-traditional spring color trend is adding an air of edge and excitement to seasonal fashion. 

4. Smokin' Slippers 


Do you remember grandpa's old smoking slippers? Well, they're back and better than ever! These retro loafers, reminiscent of Victorian days are reinventing themselves in plush velvets, floral textiles, jeweled embellishments and vibrant hues that celebrate the blooming beauty of spring. They are casually cute paired with any variety of pant suits or a skirt and top combination. 


5. Ankle Harness


The last, and most versatile of the spring shoe trends, is the ever-present ankle strap high heeled sandal. The clean lines, high arch, and subtle geometry add grace and elegance to the female stride, like a gazelle, elongating and slimming the legs of the wearer. Whatever you wear this spring,  strappy sandals will certainly boost your fashion to a whole new level of chic.

I hope you all enjoyed my guest post and experiment with the latest spring shoe trends!
Melissa Schraiber


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