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Hello my gorgeous ladies!

Prom is just around the corner, only a couple of months away, if that! If you follow me on Facebook , then you'd know that I've been posting my pics on dresses, makeup, and accessories for prom and I explain why I chose each item, that way you get a better understanding of what may/may not work for you. It's almost every girl's dream to be crowned prom queen, but even if you don't get crowned you can dress up as if you know for certain you would be. There is more than just a fit of a dress that comes into play, at least there should be. One of which is the color. You should be putting some thought into the color of the dress you'll be choosing. It's important that it looks great on you and enhances your natural glow! I chose this plum purple with gold detailing for more than one reason, here's why:


1. The cut of the dress is universally flattering for every body shape. Even though it has a larger bottom for my pear shaped ladies, the sweetheart neckline and heavy  material and embellishment on the top will help balance out your frame. Also, since the dress is a bit shorter than your average, it shows some leg and when paired with      heels, it'll help elongate your entire body, especially for me petite ladies! The shoes I chose have a cuff around the ankle with some gold accents, which help tie in with     the gold details in the dress. 


2. The color purple symbolizes royalty and it's the color combination of both red (warm) and blue (cool), creating a color that will look good on every skin tone, either   warmer or cooler undertones. 


3. The overall vibe of the dress, based upon it's color and shape, is very elegant, which is indeed the look or vibe you want to attain for this special occasion!


I hope that you prom queens found this post helpful and if you're not going to prom, you can still apply these tips for the next black tie occasion you'll be attending!


Lots of love and appreciation


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