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FAUX FUR VEST: TjMaxx// SWEATER: c/o RD Style// FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS: Zara// SHOES: BCBGeneration (Marshalls)// NECKLACE: c/o Athra Luxe// BRACELET: Little Switzerland (Aruba)// PURSE: Gucci Soho Hobo (similar style HERE)


Hello Loves,

Today's look was pretty much a classic combination of neutrals with a mixture of textures, which I love to embrace during this time of year, with a touch of color. It was unseasonably mild today, somewhere around 50°degrees! Since it was a little warmer than usual, I ditched the heavy jacket and opted for a jumper with a fur (faux) vest over and it kept me warm enough throughout the day. Plus, these leggings are extremely warm. I scored these on clearance at Zara back in the summer and I remember trying them on in the fitting room, sweating bullets because they're lined with a faux suede. 

As you all can probably tell by now, I love combining leather and fur together. I feel they're a classic combination of textures and both keep you warm on their own and even more when combined. Since I was working with so many different shades of browns, I didn't want the look to appear bland and boring, so to spice things up a bit, I added a pop of color with a red purse. I have thoughts on recording a video discussing the different shapes and silhouettes of purses that I'd personally suggest for you all based on your body shape and height. Yes, believe it or not, there are certain styles that tend to flatter us more than others and you probably realized this when trying on purses and felt that some looked better on you than others; let me know if you're interested :)

Anyway, since this look features all neutrals, the color scheme would work for all of us, regardless of our skin-tones. However, placement of those colors may be something you want to keep in mind, since like any group of colors, darker shades slim and lighter shades highlight, think of it as a lot like highlighting and contouring when applying makeup. Below is a visual example of how I would suggest you style a look similar to the one I'm wearing, based on your body shape and height.


I would suggest the pairing I created above for all my apple shapes because the fur vest is in a darker shade of brown. One thing to keep in mind is that fur vests not only add texture to your look, they also add dimension and since my apple shaped beauties tend to already have voluptuous (you're gifted, love) upper bodies, to prevent from appearing too top heavy with the addition of the vest, is to select a color that is in a darker shade to deflect light, which reduces the creaion of visual weight, especially since I selected a sweater that's a lighter shade of brown, which will counteract the affect of the lighter shade. I also selected a lighter shade, more of a golden one, for the bottoms instead of the chocolate brown I wore, since it'll make your already lean and slender legs appear even more slender, which isn't necessary. In this case, I wouldn't suggest these golden leggings to all my cool tones and dirty blondes. The reason is that it can make your hair appear brassy or greenish, instead opt for just a lighter shade of brown. 

As for my petites, the reason I would suggest this look for you, regardless of your body shape, is because the brown vest and golden leggings will make you appear taller, if that's the look you want to achieve. Not to say that all petites want to appear taller, this is only a suggestion if you do like to consider this when creating looks. The reason this combo would create that effect is because it's essentially a monochrome pairing, since they both share the same hues and undertones. Plus, with the addition of nude shoes, your legs will appear even longer. Remember that in my video on selecting the best nude shoes for your skin-tone, I mentioned that not all nudes are created equal! Always select a shade that best compliments your individual skin color and tone.

I hope you all found this post helpful! Check back tomorrow for a video that will provide some simple tips on how to wear jumpsuits and rompers during these colder winter months...well, at least I think it'll begin to get colder again around here!

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