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Hello Ladies,

As I've mentioned before in past videos and posts, I'm loving the military inspired trends this season. I think it's mainly because I feel the color scheme within the trend is perfect for fall and transitioning into winter. On Friday I wore a military inspired jacket with contrasted sleeves, and here I'm wearing an olive green button up shirt that has stud detailing with a faux fur vest on top. Olive green and brown are such a perfect fall color combination and instantly creates a military vibe. So, if you're like me and you like this trend, but you don't necessarily have anything that you feel is a direct representation of it, you can create the same vibe by mixing these two colors together in one look. When it comes to accessories, I always suggest wearing gold with olive, since they are complimentary colors. In my video on "The Best Colors for Your Skin and Hair Tone", I explain how warmer skin and hair tones look best in gold and since olive green has a gold-ish undertone to it, it makes for a good combination when accessorizing. 


SHIRT: Marshall's

VEST: Marshall's

JEANS: Local boutique


PURSE: Louis Vuitton Trevi GM 



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