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Hello Beauties!

I trust that you all are having a wonderful day! It's been rather chilly around here and the leaves have already begun to change, which I absolutely love to observe. There's a dusty road that I used to drive through that would have tall gorgeous trees on both sides of the path that stretched up so high, it looked as though they tickled the feet of the angels in heaven! Simply put, they're gorgeous!

I get inspired by the natural colors on the leaves and how the contrast amongst the groups are perfect, as if hand painted with serious thought in mind! So I try to incorporate the richness of those colors into my outfits during this time of year, to look seasonably appropriate. 

As I've mentioned many times here on the blog, houndstooth is a huge trend this season, and as you can see I'm sporting it in a unique color combination in jeans. I scored these at Marshall's last year around this time and fell in love for so many reasons. First, I love this classic print, and wanted it of course for that reason, since it's a piece that I know I will get so many good uses out of for years to come. Also, they are honestly the most comfortable jeans that I own! They're by the brand Rich & Skinny. I've tried on other denim jeans by them before and all of them feel as though I was wearing pajama bottoms. They're a rather expensive brand, but Marshall's and TJMAXX do sell them for a fraction of the original cost, so definitely give them a try and you'll understand what I'm talking about! 

I loved the color combination of the deep blue, orange, and brown. I felt it screamed fall and it looked great paired together in one look. I was a bit nervous with wearing so much pattern (my jeans, purse, and scarf), but I ended up liking the way the look came together. How about you guys, do you like the look? I hope this outfit inspired you to create a similar look using the same color palette! 


BLAZER: Charlotte Russe

JEANS: Rich & Skinny (Marshall's)


PURSE: Louis Vuitton Trevi GM

SCARF: Marshall's 



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