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Spiked head band (local boutique) SIMILAR STYLE (HERE) // Scarf: Marshalls (Tolani) SIMILAR STYLE (HERE) // Leather Jacket: Marshalls (Michael Kors) // Sweater: H&M // Jeans: New York & Company (HERE) // Boots: Nine West // Purse: TjMaxx (Errelleventidue


Happy Monday!

I'm glad to be back after enjoying the holiday season with my family; I hope you all enjoyed the moments with your loved ones as well! 

Today's look is very edgy, a look I love to experiment with. You, however, shouldn't feel intimidated by a look that features such edge and roughness, after all, the whole tough girl empowerment movement is on the rise (thank you Tris Prior from the movie Divergent, if you haven't seen it, it's a must! ). There are certain textures and pieces that can help add that edgy element to an otherwise casual, everyday look. One of which is a great fitting leather jacket of course! I say great fitting because there are so many different styles and sizes, which can certainly effect the vibe we want to achieve in this case. For example, a leather trench coat may not entirely give off the whole tough girl vibe, rather a more chic and sophisticated one. Another reason a great fitting jacket is a must is because if it doesn't fit us well, then we're not going to feel and look confident in it, which is apart of the whole edgy vibe. If you're not feeling it, then no one else will! My suggestion for all ladies, regardless of body shape, would be to opt for a leather jacket that falls no longer than your hip bones. 

The second essential would be some studs, spikes, and metals. When you think of all of these, I'm sure you somehow correlate them to rocker like vibes and that's what we're going for. The amount you decide to wear depends on your comfort level and how much you want to enhance the look. This is also the perfect time, I feel, to experiment with mixing metals if you're unsure as to how they'd look together on you. This will just tie in with the whole, "I don't care, I'm a tough girl" vibe, lol! 

Below are some leather jacket suggestions I came up with for the different body shapes. Each section features real leather, as well as faux. Take a look at what I've selected for your fabulous figure:






Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you found the post helpful and come back again real soon...stay stylish!


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