Posted by Jalisa on Jan 27, 2013

Hello lovelies!

This week's video is the beginning of a series that I will be doing on the various body types and how to identify, dress, and style them. I am super excited about these videos because I am so deeply passionate about helping women find what clothing and styles work best for them and on them. It's so important for us to know and understand our bodies and realize that not ever trend will work for us, but there are many others that do! Also since I recently uploaded a "What to Wear to The Gym" video and I briefly discussed not feeling bad about the way your body currently looks, this series will help you learn to disguise certain areas that you don't want to draw a lot of attention to, while you're in the process of getting rid of it through exercise and/or healthy living. 

I strongly encourage your participation in this series. In the video, I say that viewers can leave their body types and where they like to shop in the comment's section, but if you prefer to watch the videos here, then you can definitely leave comments to this video here and I will work with those responses as well. I really hope that you all enjoy the videos and series to come and become active throughout!




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