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FUR (FAUX) COAT: Nordstrom // SWEATER: Marshalls // JEANS: Rich & Skinny (Marshalls) //  SHOES: Chinese Laundry 



So it's the last day of fashion week and what does that mean for the styling methods of all us bloggers and fashion lovers, to end with a bang of course! Despite the fact that I was not attending a show, that did not mean that I couldn't dress to impress as if I'd be snapped by some amazing photographer at the steps of Lincoln Center, right?! I mean, let's face it, even if we're no where near the action, it's the time of year to show the fashion world what we're made of, blogger or not. This goes for all of us who have a love for fashion and style. 

One thing, among many, I've come to learn is that you're just not deemed a blogger in New York unless you have an oversized fur coat, it's the identifying factor, especially during fashion week! While I have quite a few fur pieces, this one is the mega, the mama of all my furs. Eddie refers to it as the bear coat; it is quite huge, but it does it's job well in making a statement and keeping me warm. 

With all that said, I understand that fur coats can be quite intimidating because they can look lavish and make a statement, which translates to people looking and not all of us are comfortable with that; but if you really like the look on others, why not give it a try on you? Hopefully, this look will show that although a fur coat can look quite obnoxious, it can totally be styled in a way that reads I'm stylish, but down to earth. You see, before getting into blogging, which has challenged me in so many ways with my style, I struggled with thoughts of what would my outfit be interpreted as and always thought of the negative possible thought first. Then, after immersing myself into this thing called blogging, I found myself learning that this is what fashion IS. It is a continual creative process which starts off as a thought translated into an outfit, which then gets interpreted. The interpretation will mean so many different things to different people and for those of us who love fashion, I mean really love it (even if you don't blog about your daily looks), therefore we should embrace the fact that people will have thoughts about our looks and one should hope that those thoughts would lead to the expanding of their own creativity, which will then broaden the horizons of what we know as personal style. I mean, this is the secret behind the success of Pinterest, isn't it?! So I say all this to say, wear the coat, honey!

Watch my YouTube video here on my suggestions on the best styles for your body shape & height, to ensure that you'll know that the coat you're wearing enhances and flatters your natural and beautiful physique ;)


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