Posted by Jalisa on Apr 24, 2014

Hey Beauties!

This week's video is on an FAQ and that's on how I achieved leaner and toned looking legs. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things I've been doing for this past year in achieving more defined legs. I've been working out consistently for about 8-9years and have lost and kept off 25-30lbs. It hasn't always been easy, as with anything that requires behavior AND physical change, but I feel great with my results! 

Here's what I've done:

1. Use ankle weights. Starting off with a lighter weight, 2.5lbs, I gradually worked my way up to 7lbs on each leg. This I think is one of the biggest things that I've done that has helped transform the way my legs look, since I'm walking around with them, even when I'm not working out my legs at the gym, they're still be challenged.


2. Weight train with a mixture of cardio. I tend to work out with heavier weights, since I'm taller and have found that heavier weights help sculpt my legs faster and with better results than with lighter weights. Your strength level will vary, so I suggest consulting a personal trainer at your gym, as well as your doctor before attempting to increase your weights. When it comes to the exercises I do:

Weight training

*Walking lunges


*Leg press machine

*Hip adductor & abductor machines

*Calf raises



*Stair master done with kickbacks

*Treadmill on an incline (minimum of 6.5) while squeezing my glutes


3. Drink & eat healthier! I drink a ton of water and you can figure how much water you should be drinking daily by multiplying your weight by 2/3. The answer you get, is the amount of oz of water you should be drinking each day. I suggest you reduce the amount of sugary drinks you consume, such as soda and juices with added sugar, this will help drop a few lbs asap! 


4. Exfoliate your skin with a great moisturizing scrub, such as the Shea Moisture argan oil & raw shea hand & body scrub w/frankincense & myrrh extract that I use, which you can find HERE


5. Use a moisturizer or body lotion that has Aloe. Aloe is great for treating burns and scars by lightening any marks. I don't suggest using this for treating strech marks, however. Instead, opt for raw or unrefined shea butter or coco butter. They can be a bit sticky, so I suggest applying them before bed, that way you won't have to walk around with your clothes sticking to you all day ;)


I hope you all found the video helpful and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to leave them below! 



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