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This blog post has been requested by one of my beautiful followers. I was asked to give some winter outfit ideas for the apple shapes. I included some ideas for fall as well, since we are still in the season and it may give you some ideas on styling yourselves now, as well as with the winter outfit later on. The first two looks are more for fall and the last two are for winter. So let's get started on why these looks would suit you apple shaped beauties!


As I mentioned in my fall fashion video (watch HERE), military inspired looks, such as jackets and camo are a huge trend this fall season. What I like about this jacket is that it has a draw string waistband, which allows you to adjust it to your liking. But what's truly great about it, is that it creates an emphasis on your waistline. As you can see, I paired it over a flowy black tank top, which is perfect for you apple shapes, since it's not going to be too clingy and bring too much focus on your larger breasts and stomach area, which causes a slimming effect. I added a long chained necklace over it because it adds a bit of interest, in case you were to remove the jacket, so the look doesn't look as if it's incomplete. It also moves feely since it's not a smaller necklace and still maintains an emphasis on your waistline when the jacket is removed, but in a minimal way. Here comes the fun part, this camo print skinny is such a trendy piece that creates focus to your lower region, which in your case you want. The combat boots are rough and edgy and also add some interest to you feet, the lowest region of your body. I mentioned in my video on selecting the best shoes for your body shape (watch HERE), that in your case, you want to go with shoes that are chunky to add some volume to your lower body, which the combats provide.



This look is edgy yet chic at the same time. What adds the chic factor are the leopard print shoes with the cobalt color combination. Here, we kept the upper body at a minimal and created more focus on the lower portion. Notice how the leather jacket doesn't have too much going on, it's fairly simple. This is the best type of fit for an apple shape, as well as those that offer a waist-belt. Less is more when it comes to leather jackets for this shape. Pairing a white tank or shirt underneath adds the edgy element combined with the black leather, an intense contrast. The stud detailing on the hat also enhances the edgy element we've created on top.



This top is an essential for every apple shape; a top with ruching effects. I've stated many times that ruching has a slimming effect when it's positioned in a draped way, as it is here. This will visually minimize your larger chest and stomach. The statement leggings are the star of the show for this look, creating an emphasis on your greatest asset, those fabulous legs! 



For this final look, I had the Christmas season in mind, since it'll be here before you know it! What I love about this sweater is that it has a natural cinched waistline effect and provides the illusion of an hourglass shape, which essentially is an evenly proportioned frame. I chose to add a pair of slouchy brown boots because I loved the color combination; I felt it to be very rich. The boots also add interest to the eye because it has the folding detail as well as a bit of volume to your thinner legs around your calf region. Now, in my shoes for your body shape video, I suggested these kind of boots for my pear shapes and I mentioned how they slim the fuller calves seen in this shape, but for your legs, they have the opposite effect, so don't worry about making them appear even thinner. 


I hope these pairings provided a concept and ideas for you to work with, using similar pieces you may already have or will come across!




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