Posted by Jalisa on Sep 11, 2013

Hello all you hard working ladies!

One of this fall's trends that can be easily worn to work is jacquard. It's a thick fabric, which is great for transitioning into winter. I came up with four different looks, centered around the four main body shapes, to give you guys some examples of how you could wear this fabric in the office. Some stores, such as H&M and Forever 21 may sell pieces that are not authentic jacquard, but are inspired by the fabric and you can still wear and style it the same way you see here for your shape. 

As always, if you have any questions on styling your shape, you can comment down below or message me on Facebook

PEAR: Even though you have a printed pant in a thick material, which would otherwise make your hips and butt appear larger, pairing it with a blouse with a nice sheen finish that has a necktie, adds volume to your bust area, which will balance out your wider hips.

RECTANGULAR: Having a top that has some sort of embellishment instantly adds interest to your neckline and upper chest area, without having to search for that perfect statement necklace that will compliment the blouse! Wearing a high waisted a-line skirt with pleats will help re-define your waistline and since this fabric is a bit thick, the sides will naturally stick out against your body, giving you the illusion of larger hips!

APPLE: Fuchsia is one of this fall's colors and for obvious reasons, it's hot! What I love about this pairing is that the pants have such a fun pattern and color contrast, that the eye will gravitate downward, instantly, which is where you want it! The fact that the top is so vibrant is ok, since it's a bit flowy. Flowy tops are perfect because they're extremely versatile, allowing you to belt it, tuck it in, or wear it loosely over your pants, the choice is YOURS!

HOURGLASS: The red turtleneck paired with this skirt was, to me, a perfect match! It screams fall/winter. By adding a chained necklace, your upper body isn't left bare without anything fun going on, while not taking away from the gorgeous skirt. This look is well balanced, which is what you must always strive for when putting looks together!




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