Happy Saturday!

Last night Eddie and I dined at a Vietnamese restaurant that we've been wanting to try for weeks now, Hanoi. We discovered the place by walking around after one of our date nights. In the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, this is the best way to find new restaurants. We don't usually make reservations, we just walk in and we're often seated  right away or we have to wait about five minutes, which is not too bad.

Eddie's birthday is today, but we'll be celebrating it at a restaurant that we've heard so many good things about for years, Peter Luger's (which is also in Brooklyn), next week. But last night, the food was quite delicious, however, I didn't notice much of a difference between their cuisine and the other Asian cuisines. I felt it to be somewhat similar to the rest, not exactly what I was expecting. I do believe, though, that I didn't order the "right" dish. I saw a few people eating what appeared to be a traditional dish with lettuce wraps, which looked interesting. Eddie's dish tasted and appeared to be more traditional than mine. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I ordered chicken and veggies, I mean common' Jalisa, that's a bit far from traditional! I guess I assumed there was going to be a different twist on their take of the classic Asian dish, but that wasn't the case. So we will need to give Vietnamese another try, next time I'll research ahead of time some traditional dishes, so that I can get the full experience!




DESSERT: Yogurt Land (frozen yogurt, similar to Pinkberry, but you get to make your own yogurt mixture and toppings!

As for my outfit, I broke out a pair of dark washed skinnies, since we are transitioning into fall and dark washes are sported more in the fall and winter months. Yesterday actually did feel like a fall evening, since it was a bit chilly. To lighten up the color palette, since we are technically in summer, I wore it paired with a beige linen blazer. For my statement pieces, I wore an animal print pendant necklace and my animal print tory burch flats. Beige and dark denim are great colors to wear during transitioning seasons, such as summer transitioning into fall and/or winter transitioning into spring. The reason is because you have the light piece, which has the warmer weather feel, along with the darker denim, which has a cooler feel. As I mentioned in my back to school video, animal print is a huge trend this fall season, especially in shoes! Statement shoes are a great way to balance out an outfit and to distract the eye from other areas of the body that you may be insecure about. Also, the blazer I chose to wear had a natural cinched in effect around the smallest part of the waist, which is complementary to all of the body shapes, since it makes your waistline appear smaller, which is especially suitable for all my apple shaped ladies


CAMI: Marshall's

BLAZER: Charlotte Russe

SHOES: Tory Burch 

PURSE: Louis Vuitton Trevoli GM



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