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Hey Girlies!

For last night's date night, Eddie and I went to our favorite Turkish restaurant because I've been talking about it for the past two weeks, so he got the hunch that I really have been craving Turkish, lol! You'll notice that there are a lot less photos of our meals than usual and that's for a few reasons. We didn't take any photos for the appetizer, since it was just plain hummus and pita bread, nothing too exciting. Eddie's entrée is missing because we got thrown off since the waiter mixed up his order with something else and had to bring back the wrong dish and have the original one made and Eddie begged me to eat and not wait for him; usually we snap the shots of our meals before we both dig in. Finally, we didn't have any desserts at the restaurant. In stead, we walked to a near-by Starbucks and shared a cup of coffee and a biscotti each, since we wanted to behave after indulging (to say the least) in chocolate throughout the week, from our recent visits to the Chocolate Room in Park Slope; they also have their own exotic chocolate store! 

For dinner, I had the Turkish Moussaka, which as you can see is completely different than the Greek version! I was actually a bit confused when the waiter brought my dish and asked him if it was indeed Moussaka and he assured me it was. I was used to the more traditional lasagna like presentation. I was quite delicious and packed with a ton of exotic spices, very delicious, sorry yaya; your's is still good :)

AS FOR MY OUTFIT, I wanted to go for a semi casual look, which I believe I achieved. The weather here in NY, has been quite fickle and wacky. We're in the beginning of August, yet it feels as though we're somewhere in the middle of September! It rained much of the night, so I decided to wear a pair of grey skinnies paired with white and beige accents, which blended rather nicely because of the fade in the jeans. I love the combination of grey and beige, it gives off a very tranquil and relaxed vibe, perfect for a rainy night when you don't want to be so colorful. 

So what did you guys do this weekend; anything fun and exciting? Share your weekend fun in the comment's sections, I'd love to read about it!



LINEN BLAZER: Charlotte Russe (similar style here)

CAMI: Marshall's (similar style here)

JEANS: New York & Company (similar style here)

SHOES: BCBGeneration (Marshall's)

PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshall's)



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