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Hey guys!

It feels so weird posting on a Sunday, since I've never done it before, but as you know, we had to re-schedule our date night from Friday to last night, since the hubby had to work a little later on Friday. We wanted to go to a Middle Eastern restaurant; the hubs has been craving hummus a lot lately, so we figured we'd try this place out, since they're known for their falafels and hummus. I enjoyed my entrée, but Eddie was not at all impressed or satisfied with his, he does not want to go back. Between you and I, I just think he ordered the wrong thing, he ordered a dish with so much meat and he has been cutting back on it, so I was a little surprised that he even ordered it. There were just a few things that turned me off with the place. First, they didn't have any more grape leaves, which we wanted to order as an appetizer, I mean it is a Middle Eastern restaurant after all, how do you run out of that?! Next, the falafel was a little too well done. Do you remember when I had a date night with my mom a few weeks ago? We went to an Israeli restaurant and their falafel was way better, since it was a little bit softer and the dipping sauce it came with on the side, was a little thicker, but I guess that's just the difference in the way they prepare it, or perhaps they almost burned our falafels, lol. Since Eddie wasn't digging the place all that much, we decided to walk on the strip to see if we could find a place to have dessert and we found a spot called Chocopologie; it's every chocolate lovers dream, to say the least! We shared a coconut white chocolate cake and a chocolate cake, we both preferred the chocolate cake, which is what they're known for. The coconut one was a little on the dry side, so you'd need a tall glass of milk to enjoy it, in my opinion. 

As for the outfit, I decided to sport a more casual look, since the place is not fancy at all, but I of course, wanted to feel like it was my date night, so I dressed things up a bit with these basket heels, which are super trendy! I bought them about three years ago from Annie Sez in the clearance section and they have truly held up quite well, they're by Doll House, and I've had bad experiences with the shoes that I've purchased from that brand in the past, but these are super comfy, you can DEFINITELY run for a bus in these! I'm loving the whole basket woven trend going on, which is also seen in purses by designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. For the top, I wanted to go with something graphic, since I wanted to wear these coral shorts, to balance out the look. If you are unequally proportioned, like myself, you want to create interest on the opposite side of the fullest part of your body or create interest on both the top and bottom. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday evening and keep an eye out for tomorrow's video on choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape, I LOVED filming this video by the way, even though I was sweating bullets, lol :)

APPETIZER: Falafel and hummus

EDDIE'S DINNER: Layla's Shawerma (marinated chicken and lamb grilled in a vertical spit)

MY DINNER: Chicken Kabob (charbroiled marinated chicken cubes)

DESSERT: Coconut cake and chocolate cake


TANK: Marshall's

SHORTS: Marshall's

SHOES: Doll House (Annie Sez)

WATCH: Michael Kors

CLUTCH: Ann Taylor Loft




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