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Hey Girlies!



Today's post is a recap from Saturday night's date night in Brooklyn, NY. I know I generally do this post on Sundays, but to be honest, I spent much of the day relaxing and enjoying quality and much needed time with Eddie. As much of a type A person I am, sometimes, it's good to not always have an agenda or plan set for the whole day and I'm beginning to practice more spontaneity. 

Anyway, where did we go on Saturday? To this restaurant that we've been saying we wanted to go to for quite a while now, a place we always pass by on our walks around town, and that is the Kittery. Being that I'm a huge seafood lover, I really anticipated the experience and had high expectations for this place and I'm sad to say that I was quite disappointed. The food was okay. Nothing special.

Eddie's clam chowder was alright, we've had better. In fact, I make better.


My shrimp appetizer was actually really good and packed with a ton of flavor, but that's where it stops.


The side order of lobster mac & cheese we shared was a disappointment. It was like a scavenger hunt trying to find pieces of lobster, which in a LOBSTER mac & cheese, should be more evident. (sorry for the blurry photo)


As for my main dish, I had to send the scallops back because they weren't hot at all, as if they were sitting out for a little while before hitting our table and finally, my mouth. I was a bit hesitant to send them back, though, since scallops are a bit challenging to make, if cooked too long, they can taste a bit rubbery. So, I'm guessing the chef popped them in the microwave for a few seconds.


Eddie was more satisfied with his dish then I was with mine, which was good...better than having both of us completely disappointed! (His dish was a Thai seasoned Tuna)


When it came to dessert, The Chocolate Room, they of course brought nothing less than pure deliciousness to the table. We shared this chocolate brownie sundae and just so you know how delicious their chocolate is, Eddie loves it, and he's not a huge chocolate fan! So for him to even crave chocolate from this place speaks volumes, it's definitely hands down the best! Never-mind the countless awards and accolades they receive from the New York community.


As for my outfit, I wanted to wear something colorful, of course. It was a bit chilly and I knew we would be doing some walking around, so I wore a lightweight linen blazer over this floral printed blouse, which you've seen me wear quite a few times. I was also feeling a bit more daring and opted for these printed shoes to pair with the printed top, both were floral prints, which I felt worked rather nicely, what do you think? 



BLAZER: Charlotte Russe 

BLOUSE: Cynthia Rowley (Marshall's)

JEANS: Nissi (local boutique)

PURSE: Kate Spade (similar style HERE)

SHOES: Nine West (TjMaxx)



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