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Happy Saturday everyone!

So the other day, Eddie and I were driving by the restaurant that we decided to eat at last night, and what brought us in, was a huge sign out front that read, "$22 for a 1/2lb lobster, corn on the cob, baked potato, and your choice of an appetizer and dessert!" Boy did that sign work! Sometimes we draw a blank for the restaurants we want to go to for date night because we want to keep it fresh by exploring and experiencing different restaurants and cultures. Open table is usually our "come to the rescue" agent, but this time, it was just simply passing by a local restaurant that we never paid a visit to. We had a wonderful time, not only because the food was so delicious, but the hospitality was superb! When we walked in, we felt instantly welcomed, the staff complimented my reflector dress, lol, and allowed us to choose our seating, which we always love! The part owner of the restaurant worked his way over to our table and asked if we were locals. What made us feel good was that he lived near our street many years ago and the hostess grew up on our same street and knows everyone who currently resides there! I honestly felt I was in an episode of Cheers, am I dating myself a bit, lol?! 

APPETIZER: Baked clams 

APPETIZER: Crab cakes

ENTRÉE: Eddie & I both had the 1/2lb lobster (We each had our own, I just didn't want to take two pictures of the same thing!)


MY DESSERT: Creme Brûlée

As for the outfit, the restaurant is one of those places that I would describe as a bit eclectic, since you can go in with jeans and a simple shirt or a nice black dress. Since I knew it had a bit of a causal feel, Eddie had looked the place up online, I knew I'd be able to get away with this bright dress! If you've been following my blog for a while now or even just a few weeks, you'd realize that I LOVE color! In fact, I did post a question to all of you on my Facebook page, asking if you'd like me to do a video on different ways you can wear neon and the majority ruled yes. I know wearing neon can be a bit intimidating because it's so bright, which means that you have to accept the fact that people will be looking at you, either in a good or bad way, but I'll be showing you some ways you can slowly work your way up to wearing a head-to-toe ensemble, so keep a look out for that video in the near future! I was originally going to pair the dress with black shoes, but then I felt it would loose it's casualness a bit, so I opted for a fun component, these neon pink shoes, which I scored at Macy's in the clearance section a couple of months ago for 20 bucks! To maintain that fun vibe, I chose to wear my Jessica Simpson neon clutch and a huge chunky necklace to balance out the flare of the dress. 

You can almost wear anything, regardless of your size and/or shape, if you know how to style it in a well balanced way. In this case, since I am a pear shape and the flare on the bottom of the dress can bring attention to my wider hips, pairing it with a huge, chunky, colorful necklace will cause the eye to gravitate upwards and not focus on the fullest area. If you notice, I didn't wear earrings, which is unusual for me, but I didn't want the look to appear overwhelming and gaudy. So how would you pull off a look like this for your shape? You could style it exactly the same way that I did, of course your colors may vary, but the entire look is balanced out, since there's interest up top with the necklace (key for pear and rectangular/boy shapes), the center, with the natural cinched in waist, but you can add a waist belt if you like, and the shoes have a pop of color as well (key for apple shapes). The look would be perfect for an hourglass, since there isn't one part of the body that is over exaggerated, which is something this shape always wants to avoid! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to follow me on my other outlets, I'm always posting somewhere! 


DRESS: Express (you can still purchase it HERE)

SHOES: Guess (Macy's)

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie


CLUTCH: Jessica Simpson (Marshall's)




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