Posted by Jalisa on Sep 16, 2014

Hello gorgeous ladies, 

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Dex's Spring 2015 launch at the Jane Hotel's Cafe Gitane in NYC! I was very excited because prior to the event, I was somewhat familiar with the brand; I've seen their pieces before, but this time around,  I was able to meet and speak with the owners, Francesco and Natalie, about the heart and brain behind Dex, which I want to share with all of you!

There are many retailers out there that offer fast fashion pieces and collections, but unfortunately because they are so fast, their quality isn't always the best. Dex's line of clothing provides trendy and classic collections, inspired by the runways and street fashion, for misses and plus sizes. Yes, they're inspired by what you and I are wearing! As a result, the creative designers are continuously traveling around the world several times a year to see what's trending, not only in the U.S, but around the world! When speaking with Natalie, she mentioned that Dex is a demonstration of not only inspiration taken from the runways, and streets, but also in art and nature's beauty, giving it a diverse and refreshing twist to contemporary fashion. 

I personally saw and felt each piece from their Spring 2015 collection, as well as their current Fall 2014 collection. I want to mention that every Dex piece is under $100! What makes this so meaningful is that the quality is amazing for the price we're spending. I felt every piece and nothing felt flimsy and so, this prompted me to ask Natalie, "why is every piece in Dex's collection under $100?", her response was that Dex simply desires to create a fuse between quality and quantity in that a consumer won't have to dish out a fortune to purchase an item that she wants to wear frequently and/or for years to come; "I recently had someone tell me that she's kept and worn a Dex sweater for 5 years now!"- Natalie. This is something that I personally appreciate because I like to keep and maintain pieces for as long as they'll hold up and knowing that there's a brand that keeps that very thing in mind throughout the entire design process is impressive. 

So where can one purchase Dex? At trustable and reliable retailers such as NordstromLord & Taylor, & Hudson's Bay. As previously mentioned, they provide a range of sizes from misses to plus size and did I mention that every piece is under $100?! Haha, you all know how much I love to save big, while purchasing quality items, so this is a brand I'm very excited about! 

I took some photos of the pieces that I personally LOVED, to share my favorites with all of you, from both the Spring 2015 collections and Fall 2014:




FALL 2014


DISCLAIMER: All opinions made about Dex are reflective of how I really feel. I was not asked or compensated for writing this post. 


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