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DRESS: Bella Dahl // FEDORA: Marshalls // SHOES: Guess (Macys// PURSE: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack// LIP COLOR: Milani (Rose Amour 33)

Hello Beautiful People,

I absolutely love anything chambray! I have a few pieces in my wardrobe; my most recent addition is this dress, gifted to me by Bella Dahl. If you read my post on the Red Light PR Bi-Annual Press Preview I attended, you may remember me briefly mentioning the brand and how celebrities like Beyoncé are fans. What I love about chambray is that it can be dressed up or down and it can be worn all year long. There are so many different pieces out there that if dresses aren't your thing, you can still embrace the trend this season especially. I created some looks for the different body shapes to give you an idea of what would look fantastic on your shape. This is in no way restricting you from wearing other pieces or styles, it just helps give you a starting point. Oh, I also wanted to mention that with chambray dresses, they look great either belted or loose. When belted, the look will appear more polished, put-together and dressed up. When left loose, as I did, it creates a more relaxed feel. So if you're going to let's say a baby shower, I wouldn't suggest leaving it loose. 

Why this look works for the apple shape: Since this is a romper, it will visually distinguish your upper and lower portions, which will create visual interest to your hips and legs. Since this style has a v-neck wrap, this will lengthen your upper body instead of adding additional width. This will also avoid adding additional visual weight to your bust and stomach area and since the waistline is higher up than your natural waist, it will help conceal a larger midsection. I've mentioned how lighter washes of denim, especially with fading or highlights as seen here, can make you appear larger in the areas they're located. However, despite the fading around the lower bust and midsection, the style of the romper helps balance out this effect. I selected a bucket style purse because it's round on the bottom and falls longer on the body. This is not to make your legs look larger, but rather bring attention to them, one of your greatest features as an apple shape. I used the same method with the pop of color and fringe detail on the shoes. The color and detail will draw the eyes to your legs. 

Why this look works for the rectangular shape: This fit and flare dress is perfect for the rectangular shape for a couple of reasons. First, the neckline has a v-shape, which  doesn't add additional width to the upper body. Second, there's an emphasis placed on the waistline, which can easily get lost in fabric for this shape. I added a cute pink bow waist belt which will further enhance the emphasis on the waistline. I selected a top handle purse because when carried around the wrist, the eye will again be directed to your waistline, accentuating the visual creation of feminine curves. Lastly, I selected these wedge espadrilles because they make the calves and leg look amazing! 

Why this look works for the hourglass shape: Jumpsuits look great on the hourglass shape, since they help accentuate both the upper and lower portions of the body, which are symmetrical for the hourglass, so it's very figure flattering. The bust on this jumpsuit is feminine with the bow and bustier detail, which are great details to look out for, since chambray jumpsuits can sometimes look rather plain. I selected a purse style the mimics your curves, which will visually look great as a whole with your outfit.  

I hope you all found this post helpful and use it as a guide on tackling your first chambray outfit or as a suggestion to add to the ideas you may have already had. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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