Posted by Jalisa on Jun 24, 2013

Hello my gorgeous ladies!

Words cannot even express how I'm feeling right now about the growth of my YouTube channel. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you who take the time out of your days to watch my videos, leave feedback, ask questions, and just encourage me to continue. If you do not record videos, I want to let you know that it is not easy putting yourself out there for so may people to either support or pick you apart. Of course I've had people who have not liked my videos and have expressed that, but then there are the vast majority of you who encourage me and give me ideas for new videos and I truly feed off of that support. It makes getting in front of the camera that much more comfortable, because I can feel that I'm talking to some friends. Those of you who've followed me on my other sources may remember me saying, "the difference between you and me, is what I know that you don't and what you know that I don't." I'm so glad that I've helped teach many of you some simple styling techniques that can alter your shape without having to go under the knife! In fact, some of you have sent me e-mails stating that my videos stopped you from getting plastic surgery, which ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes. If you are debating on starting your own channel, I say go for it! It's just another unclaimed territory in your life that can open up experiences and teach you so much about yourself and others. So with all that said....

Here are the rules for entering the giveaway:

1. Must be a YouTube subscriber to my channel (SUBSCRIBE here)!

2. Must comment stating which Aruba Series date night look you liked the most, ex: night 2

3. Must comment stating which bracelet you'd like to win, black or white


*Two winners will be chosen at random to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of wining! 



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