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Hello you fab ladies!

In today's post, I wanted to talk about adding pops of color to your work wear. This is a very simple way to help modernize your look, but we have to be very careful how we do it, this is key! In the work place, we cannot be too bold, unless you're working in the fashion industry or a job that allows it. A good way of making colored pieces work is to pair them with neutral or basic colors, so the outfit doesn't appear too overbearing or loud. As you can see, I chose to pair these bright yellow cropped pants with a black poncho and boots. The outfit looks chic and appropriate for work, especially during this time of year. What I love about ponchos is that you can take them on and off and not effect the entire look of the outfit. Pieces that are able to be added or taken away are essential for the working woman and come in handy when it can get too warm or too cold in the office. On a "dress down" day, you could substitute the pants with a pair of yellow jeans and a black top and boots and it would still look appropriate. 

I absolutely love cropped pants because they're a great transitional piece. You could wear them all year long and for all you working women out there, that is a must. You should focus on building your work wear around transitional pieces because you'll be able to make various outfits with them, which in the end, does save you money ;)

What I'm Wearing:

Poncho from Marshall's

New York & Company cropped yellow pants

Guess croc boots




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