Posted by Jalisa on Sep 01, 2015


Happy Tuesday my beautiful and inspiring ladies!

Is it just me or have you noticed that having a large butt has been all the rave?! I know I'm not the only one. No matter where I look, I see some photo or article centered around how to get a "bubble butt" or the "perfect" booty and I am really disgusted by this recent phenomenon. The reason is because of the message it portrays and the pressure that comes along with it. Women are actually dying because they've attempted to get a quick fix butt injection or surgery that went wrong. Now, if that's something you're considering, I by all means am not judging you. I just want you to make sure you're doing it because that's something you truly want, not because society is making you feel the need to. I mean, we're being told we should love our bodies and embrace them, regardless of size, but at the same time, we're being told that the bigger the better (which should be accompanied by an ample bust and teeny waist) by those same sources, a perfect example of true media contradiction.

I'm not saying wanting to enhance a certain area of your body or work on toning up your booty is wrong (I love my squats!), of course not, shoot I wear a gel bra with wire pushup, haha! In fact, that's what I'm all about! I have a passion for empowering women to dress their body shapes through the art of styling and often suggest tips on how to make the bust or booty appear larger with those tips, if those are areas that you are insecure about or just want to enhance. The reason I do this is so you can feel more confident in your clothing and about yourself in general. This, sadly, isn't the motive of those who are pushing the bigger butt message in our faces. 

So I pose this question to you, do you truly love your body? ALL of it and for what it is? I have struggled with loving all of mine for years, but dressing for my pear shape body has helped in giving me more confidence overall, especially since it has given me an understanding of why certain styles of clothing don't look best on my shape. It's prompted me to find alternatives and being okay with that; this is why I think knowing and dressing for our body shape is so important. It gives us a better understanding of ourselves and when we understand ourselves more, there's an empowerment that comes along with it, which is pretty awesome! Speaking of, there will be some pretty major changes to take place here that will have to do with this very big passion of mine, so stay tuned; I'm beyond thrilled! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I truly hope you found this article inspirational, please pin or share it if it did! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the day :) 

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