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Happy Monday and Happy April!

Ahh, we're in April you guys! I'm SO happy we've left the cold winter months and hopefully it'll be warm, beautiful weather here on out. It also means that I'm that much closer to meeting Baby A (my due date is the 4th of July)! You have no idea how badly I want to tell you her name because I LOVE it SO much, but Eddie and I decided to wait until she's born. Speaking of baby girl, I haven't really given you much updates regarding her, so I think at the start of this new month and in celebration of me being 27 weeks, it'd be perfect to do so now!

Well, little miss has a little big personality already and everyone is saying she's already taking after me in that regard, lol! If I'm laying in a position that she apparently doesn't like, she immediately begins to kick and she won't stop until I move, okay your Highness, haha! She also doesn't like the doctor's visits too much. When we did our first few ultrasounds, she would move in the opposite direction, making it so hard to get a glimpse of her precious little face. The ones we were able to get, she took her arm and fist and covered her face. Another shot showed her covering her ear lol. You guys, she was holding her hand to her ear, am I that annoying already!?! Another shot, she dug her head into me to hide her face. Now, when we try to get her heart rate, which has been so consistent (same number every time) she moves away so the nurse has to chase her around my tummy, she's too much! 

What she does like and responds with a kick is to be called little girl, listening to classical music (she gets her groove on to the piano and violin solos) and when her daddy talks to her. She also responds A LOT after I eat anything sweet, be it fruit or baked treats; she's got a sweet tooth like her mama (Eddie likes sour and savory for the most part).

As for today's outfit, I broke out one of my favorite OTS (off the shoulder) tops I received from an Australian company at the end of summer last year. What I love about it is the Dolce & Gabbana vibe it has in it's design with all the fun and interesting details. But, it unfortunately doesn't make for the most flattering piece on and around my baby bump. Due to the fact that the patterns are of such a large scale, it's OTS, has bell sleeves, and has a tassel trim, it just adds too much exaggeration to my growing and changing body (which I spoke about in Friday's post). It's safe to say that I'll be putting it away until after little girl arrives. 

So, my tip if you're expecting and are at more than the half way mark in your pregnancy, avoid OTS tops that have so much going on. Even if it's just a pattern, make sure it's a smaller scale for the most flattering look for you and your bump. What's trending pretty hard are banker stripes (light blue with white pin stripes), which would be a fantastic option, since the thin lines create a nice slimming effect. Same is true if you have a wider frame up top, I'd avoid the busy OTS tops.

I hope you enjoyed this post, my gorgeous friends, and I wish you all a wonderful start to your week; thanks so much for stopping by!



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