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Hi ladies and gents!

Last night, Eddie and I paid a visit to one of The Bronx's historic places, Arthur Avenue. Why is it so historic you ask? It's the Little Italy section of The Bronx, although there are various sections of The Bronx that are mainly Italian, this place is one of the most well known across New York. The section is known to house some of the most well known authentic Italian restaurants in New York, one of which is Dominick's. This restaurant is so authentic, that there are no menus! You simply come in and tell them your favorite Italian dish and they'll make it especially for you, so you get to feel like a king or queen for a few hours, lol! Now, I'm going to be entirely honest with you here, we ordered fried calamari (the rings were like the size of my head) and stuffed artichoke (I was surprised that my husband loved it so much, he's extremely picky when it comes to food like that, different in appearance) for appetizers and we completely devoured it before we realized that we hadn't taken a picture of it to post, so please forgive me, we apparently couldn't resist! However, I did include my main entrée, which was chicken marsala and it was out of this world! It was the best chicken marsala that I've ever had! The chicken was extremely tender and melted in my mouth, instantly. It's important to note that whenever I order a chicken dish, even if it's just a chicken salad, I always judge the quality of the chicken, is it hard or is it rubbery? Although the food was out of this world delicious, they didn't have any desserts, so we ended up going to a place next door, Cafe & Bar, to have our weekly dose of cappuccinos and dessert. There were no menus in this place, either! Eddie just walked over to the fridge and picked out what he wanted and when our server brought it to the table, I asked Eddie what he had ordered and he said, "I don't know." LOL! Ok, even though we didn't know what we were eating, I do know one thing, it was delish! I would definitely suggest, if you live in or happen to visit New York, to pay a visit to Arthur Avenue and while you're there, you have to purchase some bread for your home. As those of you who have had New York pizza may know, there's NOTHING like it. The reason why is because of the water system in New York City and throughout the five boroughs, which is used in making the dough. The water system is different from the rest of New York. That being said, the bread is out of this world and you would need to get some as a memory! Here in New York, if you tell an Italian that you're heading to Arthur Avenue, often times than none, they will ask you to bring them some bread! 

I decided to wear a semi-casual outfit because this restaurant is not a fancy schmancy place. The tables are long and random people are placed next to you, you don't get your very own table and sometimes, your bag doesn't get her own chair! So, I chose to wear a graphic tank, which I absolutely fell in love with when I first saw it. I'm not a big fan of the cross trend going on, but I had to get this one because of the various stones that make up the shape of the cross are so beautiful. I wore a simple black blazer on top and one of my favorite pants from New York & Company. If you're like me and you like colored pants and jeans, New York & Company always has such a wonderful selection. I wouldn't suggest shopping online because their website doesn't often carry a wide variety of colors as I've noticed in stores. Plus, when they have the buy one get one free annual and semi-annual pant sale, I stock up ;) I hope you like the outfit I wore and enjoyed reading my post on my experience last night. I truly love sharing my experiences with all of you and it makes our date that much more exciting! 


Mandee's blazer

Tank from Marshall's

New York & Company pants

Nine West Freda shoe

Tory Burch Amanda Tote




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