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Sweater Dress: Romeo & Juliet Couture (Restocked!!! HERE) //  Boots: Choies (ON SALE HERE)  // Purse: Louis Vuitton (similar style HERE //  Pom pom bag charm (similar HERE



Happy Monday, beautiful friends!

Can you guys believe that it's already February?! I certainly can't. January literally flew by and it has 31 days! Nonetheless, I'm fully embracing February's arrival because there's so much that takes place in this short month. We have Groundhog's Day, which is tomorrow, Fashion Week and of course, Valentine's Day! Do you think spring will be coming early? I personally think so because it's been feeling warmer, at least in New York; much of the snow from last week's snow storm has melted because of the sunny days we've been having. I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow! 

As for this outfit, I think it's one that's perfect for this month because like December, it's a month full or red, symbolizing the holiday of love, Valentine's Day! I believe that this holiday shouldn't be designated just for couples, but to celebrate those we love in general. I don't like the idea of people feeling bad or left out because they don't have a formal valentine. If you're not married or in a relationship, you can make your best friend(s) your valentine and give each other small gifts or chocolates to show how much you love and appreciate your friendship!

Getting back to the outfit, I simply adore sweater dresses for a number of reasons. The first being that they're super easy to style and when chosen in a more classic shape (shift or a-line), it can look quite couture because it'll be more figure flattering on every body shape, sculpting the body in the best way possible. Plus, they're so darn comfy!

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, I hope you felt inspired by this post! Have a wonderful start to your week and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU! 



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