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Happy Monday Friends!

Last week I intended on blogging Tuesday-Friday, but we all caught colds. It started with me and it trickled on down one by one to everyone in the house. If any of you have little kids and have fallen sick, I'm sure you'd know just how challenging it can be to care for them and yourself. Plus, my girls are super resilient in that they will have heavy colds and will still have all their energy and somehow even more than before. So yeah, that summed up all of last week.

Nonetheless, we made the best out of celebrating Eddie's birthday, which was Labor Day. Thank goodness for Whole Foods delivery! I was able to still get a cake, along with the groceries. Side note, if you've never tried their cakes and/or baked goods, you have to. Every time we order their cakes, we're always asked by our friends and family where we got the cake! Who knew!?

Anyway, September is not only Eddie's birth month, but mine as well, and with it quickly approaching (the 29th) I've been doing a lot of thinking of how my style, interest, and priorities have changed immensely. I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of many things I've found to be important to master by the time you reach your 30s, finding your signature scent. All throughout my 20s I experimented with a lot of perfumes from various brands, both high and low end, and have managed to narrow it down to three that I love and highly recommend: J'adore by Dior, Flora by Gucci, and Guilty also by Gucci. I've worn all of these fragrances over the course of about 10 years and have found myself repurchasing and reaching for them more than any of the others I've tried. 

Fragrance is a very personal thing and I want you to understand and embrace that. What smells good on one person may smell completely different on your or I, due to body chemistry-a huge role to play in how a fragrance works. That said, these three fragrances have stood the test of time and have acquired a cult following, which is why I highly suggest you check them out. 

As you approach your 30s or even if you are already in your 30s and beyond, it's worth establishing your go-to scents, creating somewhat of a signature. It doesn't have to be just one perfume. You can have one you use for the day, another for a night out, and one for special occasions. This is exactly how I use all three. Flora is my daytime scent, Guilty for a night out and J'adore is reserved for weddings or anniversary dinners. 

Do you have a go-to scent(s)? I'd love to know what it is! 

Thanks for stopping by, my friends. I also want to mention that due to us all not feeling too well last week, my posting schedule will be off a bit. For the past two weeks, I've blogged everyday, which is what I'd like to continue doing, but for this week, it'll be one post and I'll be back again on Monday. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 


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