Happy Thursday my sweet friends!

In a little less than a week, I'll be turning 30! These past few years, I've been taking my skincare very seriously, which is what encouraged me to begin sharing all things skincare on the blog, in addition to all the fashion focused topics. I believe it's something that we all should pay mind too, regardless of age. The earlier we start, the more inclined we are to begin to establish a healthy skincare regimen. 

I really admire the skincare practices of the Asian community, specifically the Koreans. They know their stuff and are diligent in their practices. It's no wonder that many of them defy their ages and look years, if not decades younger than they actually are. One of the many customs I've embraced is double cleansing. I actually first learned of it from Helena of Brooklyn Blonde. She's one of my favorite bloggers all around. I can relate to her on so many levels, as we're both native New Yorkers. 

When she mentioned that she double cleansed, I initially thought it was just washing your face twice with the same cleanser. I mean, isn't that what is sounds like it would mean? Well, that's not what it is. At least it's partial. 

Double cleansing is washing your face with an oil based cleanser first. The oil helps to separate all of the makeup, dirt, and heavy creams you've applied on your face to prepare your skin for cleansing with your regular face wash. Even if you don't wear makeup or apply a ton of product morning or night, if you apply sunscreen, that's enough to clog your pores. Many of these oil cleansers will say it on the bottle, so you know its intended use. 

For my second cleanser, I like to use either a milk or gel cleanser. The ones I use for both cleansings are from Avalon Organics. I'm not sponsored in any way, I just really like their cleaners and the fact that they're free of all parabens, non-GMO, and just a healthier alternative all around. You can read more about the milk cleanser I use in this post

Now that I've explained what double cleansing is, let me share why you should be doing it.

I'm sure many of you use a cleansing cloth or makeup removing wipes of some sort to remove your makeup or freshen up after a workout. Sometimes, no matter how good the claims are on those wipes, it doesn't get everything off. Remember, if you apply serums, moisturizers, etc in addition to makeup, there's a ton of product sitting on your face the entire day. That means there are layers. As mentioned, oil helps to separate everything getting down to the first layer. Many face wipes aren't able to do that. 

If all of those products aren't removed, it'll eventually lead to clogged pores. This could be why you're breaking out or not seeing the promises of those skincare products you've purchased. Having a fresh and clean face with opened pores allow for the products you apply to fully seep in and do their thing. 

I like to not only double cleanse at night, but in the mornings also. I tend to use heavier creams at night, which can again, lead to clogged pores combined with my sweat from sleeping and just sleeping on my pillow. This isn't necessarily an essential step for your morning routine, though, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. The extra cleansing and stripping away of oils may actually exasperate dryness. In that case, I'd suggest only doing so at night and make sure to purchase an oil cleanser that's suitable for your skin type to avoid irritation. 

If you've never heard of double cleansing or have, but just didn't know exactly what it was, I hope you learned a lot from this post and feel encouraged to start the practice. Since doing so (it's been about 5 or so months) I've noticed a huge difference in the overall look and feel of my skin. The products I use that are tailored for my specific needs are able to truly work and I'm able to see the results. I go makeup free more often. In fact, most of the week. 

Do you double cleanse? If so, what's your favorite brand? 

Thanks for stopping by, my sweet friends, and I hope you have a great day!



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