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Happy Thursday, dear friends!

At the start of spring, do you ever find it challenging to make your skin look healthy, glowing and well...not dull? I know I have! The thought of putting on a pair of shorts or skirt and exposing my extremely pale and dull legs that have been hibernating all season long, once made me want to hold on to my skinny jeans that much more longer! What if I told you...

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Posted by Jalisa on Mar 02, 2016 under

Happy Hump Day, friends!

I'm loving the fact that retro is the major theme in fashion these past few seasons, with the '60s,'70s and '90s influences dominating both the runways and streets. You all know how much I love the style of...

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Have you ever found it a bit of a challenge to represent your personal style in the office? It can sometimes be difficult to showcase your style and personality with dress codes that can limit what you can and cannot wear, as well as the need to look professional. I find this to be even more of a challenge for those who have more of an edgier style. You know, those of you ladies who'd prefer wearing a leather moto jacket over a blazer any day! Hopefully this post will help to provide a happy medium in reflecting who you are as a person, while remaining in the fine lines of professionalism Monday thru Friday.



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